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09/13 Press Democrat article

There are 2 sides to every story!

09/26 LA Times article



“Truth in Trials Act”

Purchase these goods with historic pictures on them, a portion of proceeds goes to support the effort!

    How did this happen?

    California statute 11362.5 & 11362.9, the Sonoma County District Attorney and local law enforcement officials all agree that Genesis was a compassionate foundation in compliance with the law.

    Nevertheless, federal agents, operating on information provided by undercover operatives posing as patients, conducted a pre-dawn raid in full armor with loaded M-16 rifles and made off with a million dollars worth of medical marijuana, plus several thousand dollars worth of computers and other electronic equipment.

    Are they going to get away with this? It appears so, and worse, the harassment is not over! If there ever was any doubt that there is a targeted federal war on against specific, legal businesses in California, there is none now!

    Is this really true? Taxpayer dollars being used to fund terror squads pre-dawn raids on US Citizens' homes, armed with loaded M-16 rifles, handguns, bullet proof vests, smoke bombs, tear gas and battering rams shooting dogs, kids and whatever else moves or gets in the way so that they can steal our property, in violation of state and local laws, anonymously and with no accountability for these unconstitutional acts of terrorism against our fellow countrymen over what? Pot? Is this really true?

    How you can help Robert & Genesis 1:29

     An exclusive, 12 page, full color, calendar that documents the record setting Genesis 1:29 Medical Marijuana crop that was stolen by DEA agents two days after the images were recorded.

    The most pressing need for Robert and the entire Genesis organization is cash. Contrary to the federal propaganda, the truth is this operation was teetering on the brink of financial ruin before the raid, having invested every dime they could beg or borrow into this ranch project, there is a severe need for donations of any kind.

    How we can stop this from happening anymore

    We are second class citizens.
    We are denied access to good jobs, an education and the simple basic freedoms guaranteed to us in the US Constitution. We are subject to raids on our homes and seizure of our property by militaristic squads of federal and state funded terrorists during pre-dawn raids with loaded M-16 rifles, wearing black masks to conceal their identity. Do you support this? Over marijuana!?

    How CAN we stop this from happening?

    Contact your legislator and let them know you support the “Truth in Trials Act” and other legislation winding its way through the system.

    If you use or profit from marijuana in any way:

    Come out of the closet and stand up for it


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"For too long our nation's teens have been getting the wrong message about marijuana. Youth popular culture has trivialized the real harm of marijuana in kids,"
US Drug Czar John Walters, September 18, 2002

We agree, let’s talk about the REAL Harm of marijuana in kids, dogs, and people’s lives!

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