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09/13 Press Democrat article

There are 2 sides to every story!

09/26 LA Times article



“Truth in Trials Act”

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*Update December 1, 2008

Robert will be released to a halfway house in San Francisco on January 2, 2008. When asked if there was anything he wanted to say about his experience Robert exclaimed "Like Jerry Garcia said, what a long, strange trip its been."

Presented on these pages are before and after pictures of the cannabis crop taken by federal agents on 9/12/02 despite local and state law.

The pre-dawn raid on September 12th had approximately 30 federal shock troops dressed in black and armed with loaded M-16 rifles, handguns, tear gas, bullet proof vests storming into the ranch house just as the crew was changing shifts from the night security team to the daytime growers.

Physically slamming the weary crew to the ground while screaming commands and waving loaded guns, several agents handcuffed and detained 5 workers while others attacked Robert, the founder of Genesis 1:29.

One of the victims, fearing for the life of the three friendly dogs that lived with them, pleaded with them to spare the dogs life and received an extra dose of trauma at the hands of an adrenaline crazed drug warrior for his trouble.

An ambulance had to be summoned and Robert was hospitalized as the other 5 occupants were handcuffed and chained in a group to witness the destruction of their many months loving care and propagation of high quality, safe medicine for over 1200 patients registered with Genesis alone, not to mention the donations and support to other legitimate providers Genesis has been known for over the years.

Another victim said, “The stench of chlorophyll was overwhelming, you could probably smell it for miles”, such was the destruction as one officer exclaimed gleefully “is this the medicinal part?” as he chain sawed one of the several thousand plants they killed on 9/12/02.*

*PressDemocrat Article


09/13 Press Democrat article

09/26 LA Times article


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"For too long our nation's teens have been getting the wrong message about marijuana. Youth popular culture has trivialized the real harm of marijuana in kids,"
US Drug Czar John Walters, September 18, 2002

We agree, let’s talk about the REAL Harm of marijuana in kids, dogs, and people’s lives!

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